Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is a term usually used in reference to the “last mile” of a supply chain. The “first mile” is on the production side of the supply chain, and involves the manufacturing and distribution of the item from the original manufacturer. The second or “middle mile” involves the long distance transporting of goods between hubs; it is the step between production and final delivery. For last mile deliveries, the delivery company will agree to transport the goods from a transport hub to their end destination to help alleviate some of pressure on the supply chain’s postal and delivery services. This allows manufacturers and businesses to focus more on getting the goods to a general area while also employing locals to finalize the distributive end of the supply chain.

We have fleets of vans, trucks, and cars ready to help distribute and deliver goods at any time. Each vehicle adheres to the safety standards set forth by the relevant governing bodies and is routinely inspected to assess the readiness of the vehicle. All of our drivers are properly insured and are trained to the highest degree possible. We like to surround ourselves with experts here so that we know we can keep the promises we make to our communities.

Being one of the premier last mile delivery services in Ottawa, we require that our team members possess and command significant knowledge of the surrounding area and utilize the most up-to-date GPS technology available to help ensure that packages are delivered safely, properly, and on time.

Our drivers work with cutting edge route optimization technology as well as route optimization specialists who enable us to provide you with the most efficient routes and the best rates. Our route optimization specialists are trained to detect the most efficient and shortest routes to best streamline your deliveries. The drivers that we use are specially trained to handle products in the best and most appropriate ways possible. They’re also trained on how to display your brand’s identity in an honorable, accurate, and perhaps most importantly, enviable light. We encourage our drivers to use our own in-house application to track their progress along specific routes, but they are also permitted to use an app of your choosing as well. Our tech team is always on standby to handle any alterations or integrations that you may require. Once you’ve chosen to ship with us, you will be assigned a dedicated manager for the duration of your engagement with us. The account manager is there to assuage any and all concerns and to work on your particular requirements specifically. This personal touch allows our customers to interact with us on a more specific level and to operate within the supply chain more easily.