Inter City Shipping

Inter City Shipping

Another main service that we offer is rooted in shipping goods throughout the Ottawa area using our fleet of trucks. We take our duty seriously here and are absolutely dedicated to facilitating free and easy trade between businesses in the Ottawa area. Our trucks are routinely maintained and inspected for safety standards, and our drivers are trained expertly and thoroughly. Their commitment to timely delivery shines through in their work consistently and frequently. Our fleet of Ottawa Trucks is assured to get your goods where they need to be, get them there on time, and get them there intact and in the manner requested.

The account manager assigned to your specific order will also be trained in catering to your specific requests and requirements. Think of them as being a sort of agent or representative. Account Managers are dedicated to fostering clearer communication between you and the rest of our team to ensure that your specific and unique order requirements are met exactly as requested. Any customization or particular requirements for an order will be handled personally by the account manager.

Having an employee assigned directly to your case early on ensures a clear and consistent line of communication. This allows us to better understand and adhere to any requests made on the customer side of things. If there are any specific delivery details or conditions, the account manager will handle them.

Though we are based out of Ottawa, we often deliver to other cities as well, such as Montreal and Toronto. Please contact us to discuss any particular route requirements or just to inquire about the process. We are eager to work with you to meet all your shipping and logistical demands.